From estimating job costs to managing overhead, contractors face a unique set of cash flow challenges. 

Note: this webinar has already aired. You can now watch the on-demand recording!

Getting these things right can put you on a path towards long-term success and profitability. But getting them wrong can land you in a vicious cycle that many contractors know all too well: borrowing from the next job to pay for the last one

HTCF - Wade Carpenter - Bid More Profitably

Thankfully, there’s a way to break out of this profit-eating pattern once and for all. Join us for an exclusive webinar with Wade Carpenter, a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional with more than 30 years of experience in construction sector accounting, to dive into the fundamentals of cash flow for contractors. On 🗓️ Tuesday, January 23 at 12:30 p.m. ET, Wade will break down the unique challenges faced by contractors, and highlight the steps necessary to unlock more profit for your business. 

What we’ll cover in the webinar:

💰 Understanding Real Revenue, and its importance in managing your business

🫰 The difference between job costs and overhead

💸 A bold new approach to cash flow management

🤝 The secret to accurate job costing, and bidding with confidence

🤔 A live Q&A session to tackle you’re burning questions

About Wade Carpenter

Wade Carpenter is a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional and the CEO of Carpenter & Company, CPAs, PC, a firm specializing in construction accounting. He has dedicated his entire career to empowering construction contractors with numbers they can trust and strategies to grow their businesses. 

About How to Cash Flow

How to Cash Flow is a webinar series, by Relay and Profit First Professionals, that helps small businesses get equipped with the knowledge, tooling and support needed to get cash flow clarity and learn to run a sustainable, profitable business.

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