Imagine your business had its best month ever. Perfect time to splurge on that big upgrade you’ve been dreaming about, right? But the ink is barely dry on the check when your top vendor notifies you of a 10% price increase, payroll comes due, and a hefty tax bill lands in your lap. And that’s when it dawns on you: business is booming, but you're strapped for cash.

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Sound familiar? It’s a common scenario for many small business owners who follow the typical money management approach of using income to cover expenses, and taking what’s left over as profit. But when the typical approach leaves you in a perpetual state of check-to-check survival, you know something is broken. 😱 Thankfully, there’s a better way—The Profit First Method, 💰 a simple approach to money management that can get you off the bank balance roller coaster once and for all.

On 🗓️ Tuesday, November 28 at 2:30 p.m ET, join us for an exclusive webinar with Rocky Lalvani, Certified Profit First Professional and host of the Profit Answer Man podcast, to dive into the essentials of Profit First. Rocky will highlight everything you need to know to get started with Profit First, and lay out the action steps you can take today to get your business off the cash flow tightrope and turn it into a money-making machine.

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Whether you’re new to Profit First or already implementing it in your business, you’re sure to benefit from Rocky’s insights into the principles that drive permanent profitability.

You’ll learn:

🤦 The surprising cost of not taking action

🔁 How you can turn profit into an effortless habit

🚘 The universal principles that drive profitability

🕵️ How the typical approach to money management is making profit disappear from your business

🤑 The story of one solopreneur who funded a million-dollar retirement by implementing Profit First

👣 The simple action steps you can take right now to start transforming your business

About Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani is a Certified Profit First Professional, founder of Profit Comes First, and host of the Profit Answer Man podcast.

About How to Cash Flow

How to Cash Flow is a webinar series, by Relay and Profit First Professionals, that helps small businesses get equipped with the knowledge, tooling and support needed to get cash flow clarity and learn to run a sustainable, profitable business.

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