Your Guide to Mobile Check Deposit for Businesses

By Haley Davidson

Founder & Content Strategist, Gaia Content

Does your business need to find a faster way to deposit checks? If the answer is yes, mobile check deposit could be the solution you’re looking for. 🎉

According to a 2022 report, nearly 88% of Americans accessed their checking account from a smartphone or tablet last year, and 53% deposited one or more checks using those devices.

That said, mobile check deposit isn’t quite as popular as other digital banking services, like ACH, debit card and credit card payments, or wire transfers. However, it’s still a convenient option for business owners who need to deposit multiple checks.

In this article, we’ll discuss what mobile check deposit is, how it works, and the benefits for small business owners.

We’ll also cover:

What is mobile check deposit?

Mobile check deposit is a digital banking tool that lets you deposit check funds into your account without having to visit a physical bank. 🏦

This kind of check deposit allows you to use your mobile device to deposit a paper check into your business bank account at any time. You can typically deposit the funds into either a checking account or a savings account.

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Mobile banking services like check deposit and ACH can make it faster, easier, and more secure for businesses to deposit funds into their accounts. They also give small businesses the ability to manage their deposits (and their cash flow) on their own time—instead of always rushing to make it to the bank before 5pm. ⏰

Ultimately, mobile deposits let you skip the trip to the bank and deposit funds to your business checking account from your iPhone or Android. Whether you’re at the beach or at the office, this kind of convenience gives you the ability to access your cash anytime, from anywhere. 🏝️

How do mobile check deposits work?

You can typically access mobile check deposit services through your mobile banking app. Mobile deposits use something called remote capture technology to scan a check image. 📲 Your bank or financial institution will use the image to process your check deposit and add the funds to your bank account.

Can businesses use mobile check deposits?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that over 100,000 checks are deposited with mobile devices each day. Businesses definitely can (and should) take advantage of mobile check deposit features to save time and improve cash flow management.

To mobile deposit a business check, you’ll first need a business online banking account. Then, check with your bank to make sure that they support mobile deposits for business customers. 💰 Once you have verified that your bank offers the service, you’ll be able to upload a scanned check image and enter the deposit details.

With Relay (that’s us! 👋), business owners can open multiple no-fee business checking and savings accounts. Then, you can mobile deposit checks, send and receive ACH payments, and more. 

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Benefits of mobile check deposit

Business mobile deposit for checks may be a good option if you have lots of checks to deposit. Let’s say you receive recurring check payments from customers or clients. Making multiple trips to the bank every week would be a hassle. 😬

Keeping track of paper checks can also be challenging, not to mention risky—if checks are lost or stolen, it can be a real security issue. Here are a few more benefits of mobile check deposit for businesses:

  • Faster access to cash: Remote deposit is faster than a traditional bank deposit. 🙌 Depending on the check amount and your bank, you could have access to your money immediately after you make the mobile deposit.

  • Security: Checks are deposited through your mobile banking app, and your information is encrypted. 🔒 Mobile deposit also allows you to keep checks at home or in the office, in a safe place, instead of commuting back and forth to the bank (and risking theft or loss).

  • Convenience: You can deposit multiple checks into your business account in a few quick taps. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home instead of waiting in line at the bank. 🙏

  • Bookkeeping: Remote capture lets you send an image of the check to your bank, but you can keep the physical check for your records. Your accounting software or banking platform might also allow you to attach a picture of the image to the transaction. 📸

Potential downsides of mobile check deposit

Mobile check deposit is great for businesses, but it does come with some limitations. Here are two common important ones to keep in mind:

  • Deposit limits: Mobile check deposit limits may vary from one bank to the next. If you have multiple checks to deposit, you may want to check your bank’s policy before you attempt a mobile deposit.

  • Fees: Some banks offer mobile deposits at no cost, but others may charge a fee for these online services. 💰

Though mobile check deposit is convenient, you still have to handle paper checks—which inherently come with more risks than digital payment methods.

Ultimately, your business might want to stop accepting checks altogether. Payment methods like ACH, wire transfer, and credit cards can help businesses access funds faster than checks.

How to use mobile check deposit for your business

The mobile check deposit process can vary from one financial institution to the next. It’s a good idea to review your bank’s mobile deposit policy before you begin. 📝

You’ll also want to download your bank’s mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store. After that, you can typically take these steps to deposit a check with your mobile device:

  • Step 1: Log in to your bank’s mobile app and access your business banking account.

  • Step 2: Select the deposit check link or button.

  • Step 3: You may see a prompt to provide the deposit information, like the date and dollar amount. You’ll also have to choose a deposit account, like a checking or money market account.

  • Step 4: Next, you’ll need to endorse the back of the check with the payee’s name or your business’ name.

  • Step 5: Use your mobile phone to take photos of the front and back of the check. Make sure all four corners of the check are displayed when using the check scanner and double-check that the routing number is clearly shown.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to keep the paper check for your records in case there are any issues with your deposit.

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