Tax season: Two words that can drive fear into the heart of any business owner.

Note: this webinar has already aired. You can now watch the on-demand recording!

From tracking down receipts to understanding deductions, tax season is a major source of stress for many entrepreneurs—especially when a larger-than-expected bill falls in your lap. But with a little know-how and some smart planning, you can take the sting out of tax time once and for all, and hold on to more of your hard-earned profit.

Webinar - Maximize your deductions to take the sting out of tax time

On Wednesday, February 21 at 12 p.m. ET, join us for a live webinar, Maximize your deductions to take the sting out of tax time. Co-hosted by Relay and Bench, we’ll dive into the strategies small businesses can leverage to minimize their tax bill, and arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid the most common tax season pitfalls. 

We’ll discuss:

😱 Why tax season is so challenging for small business owners

🤦 The deductions that small businesses most commonly miss

✍️ How to identify and properly record your deductions

👣 Steps you can take throughout the year to guarantee a stress-free tax time

🤔 A live Q&A to tackle your burning tax questions

Meet your hosts

Deanna Zubrickas, Product Specialist at Relay

Deanna works directly with Relay’s Partners, accountants and bookkeepers, helping them deliver superior business banking to their clients. Deanna is the go-to product expert for business banking solutions and banking integrations with accounting software. Before making the move into financial technology, Deanna supervised retail operations and managed customer relations at a number of enterprise and mid-sized retail brands, including OAK + FORT, Free People, and Urban Outfitters.

Alison Williams, Partner Growth Manager at Bench

Alison is the Partner Growth Manager at Bench. She was raised in a family of business owners, seeing them surrounded by receipts, tearing their figurative hair out, and giving up on maximizing their deductions when tax time came around each year. Because of this experience, she’s a professional in the financial software industry with 3 years spent at Bench, proud to be supporting business owners in paying less in taxes and getting control of their financial backends.

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