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We’re starting a community of 100,000 businesses practicing Profit First on Relay—and building permanent profitability. With Relay and Mike Michalowicz's Profit First methodology, you’ll escape the cashflow tightrope, grow your profits, and start making your biggest dreams a reality.

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Join a vibrant community of passionate small business owners focused on profitability. Every month you’ll get access to programming designed to bring your business one step closer to sustainable, predictable success—this includes our webinar series with Profit First Professionals, accountability calls with your peers and more.


Small businesses using Profit First on Relay (and growing!)

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Stop living on the cashflow tightrope

Let’s be honest: building a business is hard. Slow seasons, market shifts, and new competitors are unforgiving—but you must always be ready to take care of your bills, team and family.

Ready means never missing payroll. Ready doesn’t worry about taxes. Ready takes profit every month without thinking twice. Ready knows exactly what’s happening with cash flow—every dollar, every day.

Relay and Profit First are on a mission to keep you ready for anything. When you join The 100K Profit Club, you’ll stop living on the cashflow tightrope and start building the profitable business and freedom you’ve always wanted.

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  • Networking Opportunities

    Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and other small business owners who know the feeling of losing sleep over cashflow worries.

  • Stick to Profit First

    Become a business owner who confidently takes—and saves—profit every month with proven playbooks from certified Profit First Professionals.

  • Challenge Yourself, Get Rewarded

    Engage in friendly competition—like the Reasons To be Profitable Contest and similar initiatives, and push your business ahead!

  • Guidance and Tips

    Take control of your cash flow with systems that take the stress and mess out of payroll, operating expenses, and tax returns.

  • Make Informed Decisions

    Make smarter business decisions with a think tank of experienced entrepreneurs who share invaluable resources and advice.

  • Bullet-Proof Success

    Grow with accountability from an active community of business owners who drive you to do better every day, support you in hard times, and cheer for your success.

  • Partner with Like-Minded Professionals

    Crush the loneliness of entrepreneurial life at in-person events. Make meaningful connections and create new business opportunities, partnerships, and friendships.

  • Save Resources

    Save time, money, and guesswork with an ever-evolving vault of battle-tested tools, resources, and strategies.

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